A 3 Month Journey For Men To AMPLIFY Their Purpose & Business

Initiated 2.0

Building Coaches & Their Business


Of Your Niche, Offer, Marketing & Medicine on Your Heart 


Of The Value You Add, You as a Coach & The Price to Match Your Genius 


Of Like Minded Brothers, Ready to Grow in Life, Business & Every Where In-Between

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What Will You Gain Over 3 Months?

Go ALL IN & you'll have..


Of Your Niche, Offer, Marketing & Medicine on Your Heart 


Of The Value You Add, You as a Coach & The Price to Match Your Genius 


Of Like Minded Brothers, Ready to Grow in Life, Business & Every Where In-Between

This "Initiation" was built for men, 

Ready to become a full-time Coach & be of SERVICE.

Do You Procrastinate, 

Feel Overwhelm or Uncertain of Your Next Step?

Which creates so much stress & anxiety you're lacking in your belief, purpose and direction?

YEP. All "new" coaches experience this. The POWER of Initiated's simple yet highly effective STRUCTURE allows you to FOCUS on 1 thing (your next move, EVERY day) & get super PRODUCTIVE with the "right" things to shift the needle in your business/coaching

Does Your Money Story Effect Your Message, Sales & Stress Levels?

Placing so much pressure on yourself because the clients aren't ROLLING IN with ease?

Hands in the air, we felt like running too. CONFIDENCE builds when you'll gain CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY with who, where, what, how and why your serve the people you do, seamlessly becoming HEARD & VISIBLE. 

"Our Mission & Reason to Exist"

"To grid the planet with men who are LIVING THEIR PURPOSE, leading their life, for their family, community and something far greater than themselves and by doing so redefining what and how it means to BE A MAN'


You will gain CLARITY with your direction and message, TRUST within yourself, coaching and business and the CONFIDENCE to follow your path, take risks & live a purpose lead life.  

I know I'm ready now. It's GAME TIME

During your INITIATION; You will Receive  

To Sharpen Your Axe

Over the 3 month journey

  • 12 Weekly Modules including Video Content, PDF's Workbooks (tasks/ stretches/ assignments)


  • PLUS the 3 Day BlokesVenture Retreat (*Note this is for Australian residents only & restricted to certain states, will be discussed on application call)



To Swing Your Axe

High level accountability 

  • Your own small, niched TEAM, lead by a coach to ensure you stay aligned, committed and focused to your mission


  • A community platform for all teams to have access to Daily Support, Encouragement & Accountability 

To Build Your Kingdom

Living life on your terms

  • 90 minute, weekly group masterclasses lead by Blase Grinner and expert guest speakers (Live via zoom) with opportunity for 1 on 1; Hot Seat Coaching


  • An army of brothers who know that collaboration creates community & who are willing to brain storm, share, reflect and offer requested feedback. This is why there is an application system


This is for men coaches who are ready to have

HIGH LEVEL accountability & play at a LEVEL that is going to stretch their "being"

so that they generate more impact, step further into "who they are" and what they wish to create in this world.

All The Modules You Need To Build A Successful Coaching Business & The "Body" That Can Hold it

These are the 12 Weekly Modules that include Video Content, PDF's Workbooks (tasks/ stretches/ assignments)

I'm Claiming My Space

What we guarantee when you join the next round of Initiated; Building Coaches & their Business..

  • Crystal clear clarity of your purpose, niche and offer & vision ... (and the method to get there)
  • The dojo to break free of any self worth, belief &/or money stories
  • High level Accountability to follow through with your vision/s & commitment/s
  • Structure & Systems, that when implemented will give you more leads, visibility & time
  • Aligned sales method so you don't feel like a "used car salesman"
  • The REAL TIME opportunity to sharpen your coaching ability
  • Create life-long brothers from all over the globe
I'm ready to take my game to the next level

It's time to start building your dream, so that someone stops paying you to build theirs

This may be "that thing" that changed the complete trajectory of your life

Who Is Your Facilitator Blase Grinner?

With his Queen by his side, he's a gangster father of 3. Blase is transformational men's coach, his super power building coaches & their business; aka "Life on Their Terms".

With over 10 years in managing & mentoring men, in 2019 Blase's dedication to men’s work saw him nominated for the Sunshine Coast Australia Day Award for Citizen of the year category.

His impact over the past 4 years has seen him create several online men's communities in the 1000's, have 100's of men attend his 3 day retreats & coaching offers and directly helped many men create their own men's movement & coaching business.

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Real Men, Real RESULTS

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