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  1. The real reason you’ve always struggled to take risks and fulfil your BIG VISION (and where to go from here) (page 4)
  2. My hands-on TREASURE MAP that’s led countless men to quit their 9-5 jobs, reignite their passion, and unlock their purpose in life (page 17)
  3. An immersive workbook to create a blueprint for your Vision (so you can achieve ANY goal, commitment, or target with a “masculine” solution-based strategy) (page 19)
  4. The 3-part process to discover & write your purpose in one sentence (hint: you’re already living it!) (page 26)
  5. A bonus Awareness Training (this is the single #1 key you need to get unstuck and FOLLOW THROUGH on your tasks & goals) (page 21)
  6. The 3 stages of living (and how to embark on the path to real manhood - feeling deeply, loving deeply, and being filled with vision) (page 12)
  7. How today’s generation of men became “people pleasers” and “Mr. Nice Guys” (page 4)
  8. Most men are using one of these 10 masks for protection or false success. Are you? (page 11)
  9. Continuing to suppress the “three E’s” of trauma can cause lifelong problems. Here’s how to stop the cycle in its tracks (page 14)
  10. How to map out obstacles, create REAL-TIME solutions, and discover your WHY to obtain your deepest desires (page 18)
  11. How to reform your money story and build a healthy relationship with it (page 24)
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The "People Pleaser' Masterclass

60 minute interactive masterclass with to help men get out of their own head and finally live a life with Purpose and Direction... By getting out of ‘people pleaser mode’, finding their inner voice & learning to say NO without feeling guilty!


blase grinner
blase grinner

Unlock The Warrior Code
(Workbook & Audio Recording)

An extremely powerful Playbook & audio recording for men to discover and lead life from their core value system. Unlock The Warrior Code helps men to lay the foundation to which they can bring their vision into reality by focusing on what really matters - Being the man you truly are.


Meet; Blase Grinner

~Husband. Father. Surfer. Facilitator.~

From: Sunshine Coast, Australia

Many men believe they’re too weak-willed to pursue their Big Visions.

They think they’re stuck because they aren’t “man enough” to take initiative and create the life they’ve dreamed of.

When in reality…they’re simply unequipped to do so.

Sure, no one “knows” how to build an IKEA desk offhand… but with the instruction manual (and a little trial and error), anyone can do it!

Once you have the tools to define your goals and chase after them, you’ll discover what’s truly possible for your life and happiness.

My book will walk you through exactly how to do this from start to finish.

Best of all, this process…

Ensures That You Will FOLLOW THROUGH On Your Goals.

When you restore your self-belief, you’ll finally be able to unearth your Big Visions and chase after them…

But to actually achieve them, you’ll need more than just confidence.

That’s why I’m going to teach you not only how to rediscover your Vision, but define it, create a plan of action, and execute it.

2019 Nominee; Sunshine Coast Australia Day Award for Citizen of the year, for his dedication to ‘MENS WORK’.

blase grinner

Some Real Men, With Real Results Working With Blase

Justin Dulihanty; Founder @ Alpha Code Institute

A coach’s ability to successful shift a client from self-destruction to self-empowerment require a unique set of skills. I deeply believe a man must walk through his own darkness to embody the lessons to lead another man to his own light.

Blase is that man. He creates the safe and powerful space for men to crack themselves open to acknowledge, expose and live their truth. A man of wisdom, a genuine gift for all those who come into contact with him, let alone have the privilege to work under his care and guidance. I appreciate and love you, brother.

David Andrews; Principal Consultant @Sandgate Advisors 

I happily support what most people try to do in life, but I very rarely speak on an individual’s behalf and actively promote them. I say this so that you can take the following with the depth in which it is intended.

His coaching for me was genuinely eye opening. Working with Blase I got to go deeper into my behaviour, attitudes and actions than I ever had before. It’s like having a brother in your corner who listens and hears you and will find that one gold nugget in all of our collective BS that’s unlocks the core of what you need to do.